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Customize the As seen in Beauty and the Beast: Eternity Rose, Under the Dome

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Eternity Rose, Under the Dome – a piece of magic
As seen in Beauty and the Beast!

Roses wither, love fades – but this one stays for eternity!
We know, that your love is everlasting, and you want to prove it. Your love’s most elegant symbol is the passionate red rose, that remains for the eternity.
This special, big head rose looks like it was picked this morning in a beautiful garden – and it will remain like this for years, due to the special preservation process. We call it Eternity Rose, or Eternal Life Rose, because it promises what we all want to feel: love that never fades. You two can live happily ever after.
We put the rose under a lovely glass dome, it looks like it came directly from a fairy tale. This can be a perfect gift to your Disney Princess!

You can choose from several colors:
 red is for passion
 pink is for secret love
 white is for innocent love
 yellow is for friendship
 orange is for desire
 purple is for magic
 gold is for luxury
 rainbow is for playfulness
 blue, green, black is for extravagance

Make the gift more unique, ask for an exclusive engraving: we can send it with a personal message!

 Size of the dome: 18 cm
 Shipping: Anywhere in Europe in 1-5 days