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Why the roses are the symbol of love?

Almost every woman was given a red rose at least once in her lifetime. Probably at the first date or on Valentine’s Day. A single stem or a bouquet of roses can melt anyone’s heart, right? Roses are the unquestionable symbols of love and passion in our culture. Do you know its origin?

Roses: the symbol of love and secrecy

We usually origin the symbolic meaning of flowers from the Victorian Era, when it was not possible to simply ask for a date. People could express their feelings through flowers without words. And they had so many different meanings! Although most of these codes faded out of everyday life, some of them are still common.

Roses were always the symbol of love, passion, friendship or purity – depending on their color. Indeed, red rose meant deep love that time, too. If someone wanted to melt his love’s heart, then he chose                  a bouquet of red roses – even in the 19th century.

But roses were already associated with love much earlier. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, often wears roses around her head, neck or feet in pictures. Moreover, from the blood of her lover, Adonis, grew a rose bush when he died. In this mythological story rose means not only love but eternal love. It is real romance!

Beside the ancient cultures, Christianity uses rose as a symbol of love and sacrifice, too, red roses stand for Jesus’ blood. This type of love is different from romantic love because it is more general.

Why so secretly?

Sometimes you cannot confess your love in words and it is easier to gift your beloved with a rose. As roses are in connection with secrecy as well, you can absolutely express your deep hidden desire.

If you like the Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code than you must be familiar with the expression sub rosa that means under the rose. It means secrecy or silence. It also has a historical root: the ancient Romans held their meetings under a bouquet of roses, and everything that was discussed “sub rosa” was kept in secret. Later, in Christianity, the motif of rose appeared in confessionals indicating that the confession would remain in secret.

Choose the right rose to express your deep and eternal love

If you want to surprise someone special, you must choose the right rose. Roses are beautiful and have a delicious fragrance at the same time: all our senses are stimulated by these wonderful flowers. Being gifted with a rose is an exceptional feeling.

There are many shades of love that you can convey. For instance, red roses indicate passion and deep love, while yellow roses represent secret admire. Choosing pink ones signifies romantic love.

If you want to prove your eternal love, then a special eternity rose will make your message much stronger. The eternity rose box symbolizes the enduring love as these roses won’t wilt after a couple of days. Choose a Beauty and the Beast rose in a glass dome to represent how strong your feelings are – just like Aphrodite’s and Adonis’ mythical love.