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Why don’t we gift flowers for Christmas… and why we should

At first, flower may seem to be odd under the Christmas tree, but if we look around we can see plants and flowers everywhere. And there are such plants that usually blossom in this time. So why isn’t it a custom to give flowers for Christmas?

Flowers of winter holiday

There are some typical Christmas flowers. For example, Poinsettia is very popular with its colorful green, red or white leaves. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing amaryllis with its huge trumpet-like blossoms. You must know the Christmas cactus as well, that beautiful winter-flowering plant.

These fine flowers can decorate our home, but many people give one of these Christmas flowers as a gift to a family member, a friend or a colleague. They are usually gifts for not-so-close- acquaintances – not to people we really care about. Why?

Gifts that are made of plants

In winter season many pine garlands are used for home decorating. Their smell is so festive! Almost everybody likes garlands decorated with ribbons and other small decors. A beautiful welcoming wreath for the door is also necessary for this period and it can be a superb present, too. Or the Grinch tree that is a reminder of the spirit of the holidays – and a funny decoration as well:) Nowadays they are extremely fashionable, and many people create a DIY Grinch tree to give it as a gift, even for Christmas.

Other traditional items of Christmas are the beautiful centerpieces of pine benches with candles or bows. Did you know that that centerpiece can also be made of roses with the colors of Christmas like white, green, red or even gold? If you choose a forever rose, you can be sure that your decoration will be a long-lasting one, and you can use it again and again every Christmas. You can even surprise someone special with a DIY eternal rose decoration.

Eternal flower – an exclusive gift

All in all, gifting flower for Christmas is absolutely a good option. As flowers convey emotional messages they completely suit Christmas. This time of the year is all about love and grace – and what could express these feelings better than a wonderful flower?

Unlike freshly-cut flowers, the eternal roses will not wilt after a few days. They look like a fresh flower, but due to a special treatment they remain the same for years. The gifted person can admire their beauty for long-long time… so they are a perfect present for your love, mother, grandmother or friend.

If you are looking for an exclusive flower gift, then a Beauty and the Beast Rose will be the top present for you. The Beast’s Rose symbolizes secret, love, and passion. Any woman, who is given such a special flower gift, will feel like a real princess.