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Where do the eternal roses come from? Meet Ecuador!

Today's blog post will be a bit irregular, as it is not primarily about flowers. We have put together a little guide, that will show you where the eternal roses come from and what you need to know about this magical landscape. Let's go to Ecuador!

Ecuador will always be an exciting destination for tourists, and not only because of its history, but also the natural beauty is very diverse. There's so much to discover for visitors! But if you don't have the opportunity to cross half the world right now, don't worry, we'll bring Ecuador to you today. Join us on our virtual journey!

What should you know about Ecuador?

The origin of the country's name is strongly linked to its geographical location. Ecuador is located on the equator line in South America, and the name exactly means "Equator" in Spanish. It is bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the south and east, and it is connected to the Pacific Ocean on the west side.

It gives home for many exotic animals and plants, thanks to its tropical climate. Typically, the severe rainy period lasts between January and May, but there is no shortage of water in the following months either. January is the hottest month, with temperatures up to 30-35 degrees, and the lowest temperature can be measured in July, with temperatures sinking up to 5 degrees.

Special climate, special environment

It is not surprising, that heavy rains mean plenty of river water. However, the dense river system is not only created by a lot of rainfall, but also the snow, melting in the mountains. The abundant season is followed by drier months, when some rivers may even dry out completely, until they are revived by the next rainy season.

Many plants have adapted to the special tropical climate here, so it is not surprising that Ecuador's flora is extremely colorful.

Ecuador is also the land of roses!

If we talk about the country of roses, we usually think of the Netherlands, but in fact Ecuador is also famous for its beautiful flowers. The Dutch have a lot of flowers and plants, but most of them are grown under artificial conditions. But in Ecuador, natural conditions are ideal, so these breathtaking flowers can be grown there with fewer human interventions.

Everything the rose needs

Ecuador's sunny yet rain-rich climate, and the well-drained soil of water are ideal for roses. The temperature is not very extreme, so it is also favorable for this beautiful flower.

The roses here bring rich flowers, that amaze everybody. However, even these extremely ideal conditions do not allow the roses to preserve their beautiful flowers indefinitely.  This is where the Roseland company involves. We are able to turn these beauties into so-called "eternal roses", which can be an ornament of your home for many years. Thanks to a special treatment, the roses look like they’ve been cut minutes ago, even after weeks, months or years later.

What could be a nicer gift than an "eternal rose" that can preserve beautiful memories indefinitely? Valentine's Day is coming: the time of the year when everyone tries to demonstrate their love. An eternal rose will surely impress your significant other!