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When and Why? Dos and don’ts of giving flower as a gift

Surprising someone special with a bouquet of flower is the best way to express our love or gratitude. There are so many occasions in private or business life when a beautiful flower is the best gift to give. With a flower it is easy to express our condolence, too. But what is the official flower etiquette? Is it OK, to give flower for Christmas for example?

Flowers hold meaning and it may be difficult to choose the perfect one sometimes. Not only the type, but the colors and the numbers are also important. And what also matters is the recipient’s age and gender. There is an etiquette of gifting flower that may help us.
Seasonal flowers are always a great option though…

Great occasions for giving flowers

Traditionally roses are given when we want to express our love. Most people gift her beloved with roses on Valentine’s Day or on a special date. The color of the roses symbolizes what kind of love they represent. So you have to choose them carefully… For instance, red roses signify romantic love, while pink ones mean secret love. Yellow roses are in association with friendship. White roses have another meaning: it is innocent love. They are appropriate for a funeral as well.

Different flowers for different occassions

  • For a birthday celebration, you can choose a colorful bunch of blooms that can be paired by the celebrated person’s month of birth – unless you know his or her favorite type.
  • For a winter wedding bouquet dark and rich colors are absolutely appropriate, whereas brighter colors suit a spring or summer wedding
  • When giving a bouquet for graduation those blooms should be chosen that symbolize success and new beginning like orchids, daffodils or roses.
  • If you want to give flowers as a get well wish the best option to choose less fragrant types. Add cheerful blooms to your selection to brighten your relative or friend.

Nowadays it is completely acceptable to give flowers not only to women but to a man as well – but you have to select carefully. Avoid too feminine colors like pink. Instead choose yellow, green, blue or orange.

What are the don’ts of giving flowers?

The meaning of flowers varies from culture to culture. Before choosing the bouquet, you can ask the florist what is recommended for that particular occasion. 

Forever flowers that last for a long time

Although flowers are beautiful, they wilt soon – this may be one of the reasons why they are not given for occasions like Christmas. But there are some options to find long-lasting blooms. For example, the eternity rose is created from a real, living flower. After a special treatment, it is possible to preserve its beauty for years. The appearance of the flowers is completely natural as if they were freshly-cut.

You can choose a magical Beauty and the Beast Rose too for a real princess: it is in a glass dome that is really similar to the rose we’ve seen in the Disney movie.
Eternity roses can be given in a beautiful rose box too. These gifts are really exclusive and long-lasting gifts with a touch of luxury – for any occasions.