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The secret meaning of the colors of the flowers

It is a well-known fact that flowers have a meaning. It’s not only the type that counts but also the color of the picked one. The meanings have a long history, going back to the Victorian Era… Read this guide before you collect blooms for someone special! Let’s see the symbolic meaning of flower colors!

A long-long time ago, in the Victorian Era, the so-called Floriography was used to convey secret messages between lovers and friends. Each flower, each color symbolized something, and the codes were more difficult than the Enigma during WWII. Nowadays this code is not so well-known, and in modern times we mostly use roses to tell something, because they suit every occasion.

Flower colours one-by-one

So, what do colors mean exactly?

  • Red color rose is the most typical choice when people want to express their love and passion for someone. Red is always a symbol of deep feelings. Red roses are suitable to convey heartfelt regret as well. There are two typical occasions when women are gifted with red roses: on Valentine’s Day or after an argument.
  • White color is the symbol of innocence and purity in general. White roses stand for the innocent love. Gifting a bouquet full of white flowers is an elegant solution. As it is the symbol of the new beginning as well, a white bouquet is perfect for a wedding.
  • Pink roses have gentle connotations as admiration, gratitude, innocence, and elegance. They embody unconditional love, so a bouquet of pink blossoms can be gifted for Mother’s Day for example. Pink roses are perfect for a young lady as well.
  • Blue is the color of peace and calm. Someone who needs tranquility would be very glad to be given blue roses. But blue is the color of mystery, too, therefore blue roses can embody unattainable love and desire.
  • Green color symbolizes many positive feelings and wishes like harmony, health, prosperity, fertility, and youth. Gifting green roses as a Get Well wish or as a symbol of a new prosperous life is just perfect.
  • Roses with a golden shade were created as a hybrid of yellow roses. As golden roses do not have romantic connotations they can be given to a friend who is very precious for us. They suit such events that are really joyful as graduations or baby birth, too.
  • Yellow roses have the similar connotations as golden ones. They are the perfect choice to express friendship or joyfulness. Although yellow roses used to have negative connotations like envy or fading love, but by now these meanings disappeared.
  • Black color traditionally means death, mourning, and farewell. This is why black roses are mostly used at funerals. If you want to symbolize the end of the relationship, you can use them too. Besides these sad connotations, there are positive meanings of black roses as well. As black represents the end of something, it can be the symbol of the beginning of something new. Moreover, black roses embody courage and resistance, too.
  • Orange color is full of energy and stands for enthusiasm, excitement, fascination and passion. Orange roses were created from white and red roses at the turn of the 20th century. The romantic message of orange roses is love emerging from friendship – or you can simply choose them to lighten up somebody.
  • Purple is the color of royalty, success and dignity. Purple roses are grandeur and absolutely elegant. But they have a very strong romantic connotation: love for the first sight. Purple means enchanted by someone with irresistible passion.
  • Rainbow roses are the most special gifts. The colors of rainbow represent joy and happiness. They are also called happy roses. If you are looking for something unique and beautiful for your beloved one, rainbow roses are a perfect for you.

Stronger message by gifting eternal roses

With a rose you can express our feelings or wishes. But how to express eternal love? Eternal friendship? Flowers are not durable, they wilt, and we throw them away. Wouldn’t it be great if we could preserve them for a long time? Even for years as a memory?

Gifting an eternal rose is the perfect option. They look freshly cut, but thanks to a special treatment they are long-lasting. If you choose a Beauty and the Beast Rose in an exclusive glass dome or eternal rose in a beautiful box, then the receiver will feel how important she or he is. Selecting a rose like this will make your message much stronger.