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Love is in the air – have a very special Valentine’s Day!

There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day is the day of love and romance. For centuries, people gift their beloved with extraordinary present to confess their feelings. Did you know that this day is the beginning of birds mating season, too? So, there must be love in the air – literally.

What do we celebrate on 14th of February?

The history of Valentine’s Day is dated back to the ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia. Yes, fertility festival – it’s all about feeling love and making love.But by the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared 14th February St Valentine’s Day – for a very different reason.

Actually, who was St Valentine? This cleric wedded couples in secret (sub rosa , if you know what I mean)  in the 3rd century. Marriage was banned for soldiers back then, but St Valentine still performed marriage ceremonies. That’s why he was sentenced to death. On 14th of February officially we celebrate this romantic hero.

This day became the day of love and romance only by the end of the 1300s. Later, in the 17th century, it became a tradition to give cards and letters to each other on St. Valentine’s Day in England. Here was the first Valentine card mail-posted on record in 1806. Not much later, in the 1840s people could buy the first mass-produced Valentine Cards.

A perfect Valentine’s Day today

Did you know that Valentine’s Day became the major consumer holiday in America? It is almost unbelievable that more than 220 million roses are produced for this day! Moreover, about 1 billion Valentine cards are bought by people. It’s incredible! Let’s see what are the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day:

  • cards or letters
  • heart-shaped boxes of chocolate
  • roses
  • jewelry
  • romantic dinner with the partner

So, it seems that most people give their partners some sweets and flowers with a Valentine Card and invite the beloved person to a super romantic dinner. According to the statistics, 6 million couples get engaged on this day.

If you plan a romantic evening with your love than you’d probably like to surprise her with something special and memorable. Neither a box of chocolate nor a stem of rose is a long-lasting present. But can you imagine Valentine’s Day without roses? Of course, you can’t. If you are a true romantic, a flower box with forever roses or a Beauty and the Beast Rose in a glass dome is your smart choice.

These forever roses look absolutely natural as freshly cut from the garden, and they don’t wilt after a few days. These roses will serve as an evidence of your deep love for years. Get some forever roses and make your Valentine’s Day a very special occasion. Especially, if this day ends with an engagement…

Good luck!