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Is it really forever? The secret of the eternal roses

"Are these artificial flowers?" This is the most common question, when we say that these roses never wilt. The answer is no: our roses are real flowers, that are preserved with a special procedure. Click and we’ll reveal the secret!

From seed to gift box: the way of the hereditary roses

In previous articles, we've told you about Ecuador, where these beautiful flowers grow. It is a long and complicated process to turn the seeds into rich, big-headed roses. It takes almost a year from pollination to the first "harvest". And it's not just about planting it and waiting for growth. Each phase is watched by experts, who intervene if necessary, remove imperfect flowers, and filter out genetic abnormalities to ensure that each piece is flawless. By cross-pollinating and breeding, they create even more beautiful or even more special roses.

When the time comes, the flowers are carefully removed from the bushes, and the preservation process begins. This is still happening in Ecuador, as fresh roses would wilt very quickly if they had to be traveled through half the world.

During the procedure, the moisture content of the flower is replaced with a special preservative, which prevents wilting, rotting and any deterioration of the condition.
The flowers are packed to come to Hungary into our warehouse and shops at Ferenc körút, Árkád Győr and Pest.

After arrival, the roses are carefully unpacked and arranged as you wish: we put it under a dome, or into a box. This is how the flower becomes a beautiful, eternal gift to surprise your sweetheart, mother… anyone who you love.

Are the eternal roses really eternal?

The answer depends on how you treat them, but yes, if you take care of the roses, they will keep their beauty forever.

The most durable gifts are the key chains and bag ornaments, as they are airtight, you only need to protect the outer cover from scratches. The "Beauty and the Beast" rose under the dome is also protected from humidity or dust. The next in line is the rose box, since the flowers are covered by the lid. Of course, they look much nicer if you do not lock them up, so we recommend putting them in a place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight or moisture and are protected from dust too. The bathroom or the sunny corner of the kitchen is not a good place, but you can enjoy the beauty if you place them in a display case.

We will do our best to keep the roses forever: the rest is up to you and the person who get them:) With proper care and storage, they really remain beautiful for years!