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International Women’s Day: The day of „girl power”

International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide. The aim is to show respect and appreciation of women’s achievements. You can surprise your family members, your teacher or workmates as well, and say thank you for all the help, love, friendship you’ve got from them.

Women are asking for a little respect

The history of International Women’s Day is connected to the early feminist movements. Since the end of the 19th century, women try to draw attention to oppression and inequality of females. It is so sad, that even after 200 years, the gender parity is still an issue today.
The date 8th March was declared as the global date of International Women’s Day in 1913. Since then a lot of countries joined this movement all over the world. Although, this day have political aspects, for many women 8th March is a really heartwarming day, when they can celebrate their womanity.

Let’s be honest: ladies love to be gifted with some flowers or chocolate anytime. But on this day, we suppose, every lady is expecting a little more attention than usual. A special box of sweets instead of an ordinary chocolate bar, or an extravagant flower, that can’t be bought in the shop around the corner.

What type of flower to give?

Choosing seasonal flowers is always a good option, but the types can vary in different countries. For example, in Italy giving yellow mimosa for Woman’s Day is a tradition. Street vendors are selling these beautiful flowers everywhere on 8th March.
But if you are not Italian, a forever rose is such an exclusive gift to give. Although it looks like a freshly cut flower, forever rose will last for years.

Let’s see what colour of roses suit Women’s Day!

  • Purple is the colour that symbolises women in general - it is an international code. A purple coloured rose or a box of roses could be a great choice.
  • Traditionally the combination of purple, green and white colours used to be the symbol of women’s equality in the UK at the beginning of the 20th century. Purple stands for justice and dignity, green is the symbol of hope and white represents purity. But in the recent years white is no longer used, instead yellow was introduced as the representation of new beginning – this refers to the second wave of feminism.

Purple with white represents a more traditional way of feminism and purple with yellow expresses a progressive contemporary feminism. If you ask us, white goes better with purple, but the other combination looks nice, too:)

If you are gifting a modern, but still romantic woman, a Beauty and the Beast rose in yellow colour would be wonderful!

Unfortunately, we are still far from real gender parity: the World Economic Forum predicted in 2015 that the gender gap wouldn’t close entirely until 2133. It is sad on one hand, but on the other it means that International Women’s Day will be celebrated for a long time. Keep up gentlemen, we have a chance from year to year to express our respect for women!