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How to propose her – to get a „yes” as an answer? Part 1: the classical ways

Are you planning to propose her? Are you nervous? That is totally understandable, a proposal is a great challenge. It must be surprising, romantic, creative and unique. You work a lot to find the ideal way and don’t want to get a rejection. With these ideas, we wanted to help a bit: if you propose your girlfriend like this, the answer will be yes for sure!

Almost every woman dreams of a beautiful wedding as a little girl. But before a perfect wedding, a romantic proposal must be presented by the groom. This part is not easy for men: a proposal is such an occasion that the couple will remember for their entire life, so everything must be perfect. You can’t screw this. Men are under pressure but there’s no need to panic: we have some absolutely romantic ideas. Let’s see them!

Romantic dinner with roses

The classical way always works! The items you need for a classic proposal are the followings: a romantic dinner, smooth music, candlelight and roses. It is even better, if you take her to a romantic place. For example, Rome or Paris are known as the cities of Love, or a romantic Greek island can also be an option. Like the island in the blockbuster ’Mamma Mia’….

In the right place at the right time give a bouquet of roses (red roses are the bests!) bend your knee and ask The Question. Tears of joy are guaranteed!

Here comes the magic

Although this way of engagement is usually successful, you can give it a special „spice”. You only need some unique roses. As you want to demonstrate your everlasting love, you need something that expresses it. Eternal roses are the best way to symbolize your intentions. They look like freshly cut flowers, but they won’t wilt after days. They are real roses but thanks to a special treatment, they remain beautiful for many years.

In this case, you can give your bride-to-be a huge box of eternal roses or a Beauty and the Beast rose as well. Any of them is the perfect accessory for a beautiful engagement ring. Since proposal is a moment you’ll remember forever, these roses can be nice „souvenirs” that can be placed to a special place in your home.

Beach and sunset – as seen in Hollywood

A beach can be a perfect place for the special moment. What else can be more romantic than being engaged in the sunset, feeling the sand under your feet and the touch of sea breeze on your face? Maybe riding a horse on the beach, but we’re afraid this would be too much.

The question may arise: What kind of roses can be given that are small enough to hide? It is not easy to keep the proposal in secret if you take a huge box of roses or a bouquet in this situation. The solution is choosing a forever rose in a smaller size. There are mini size boxes, too, that contain only a single head of rose. These exclusive boxes can be the containers of the ring as well, being placed among the petals. We are pretty sure that there is no girl in the world who would refuse such a romantic proposal.

The perfect time for an engagement

The perfect occasion depends on you two: if you want to share it, you can choose a family celebration like an anniversary or a birthday. You can choose a holiday, for example, Christmas or Valentine’s Day too. These are really good opportunities for a man to ask the big question because it is easier to hide a ring into the gift you are actually giving. The unsuspicious bride-to-be will be really surprised.

Don’t try to hide your romantic self, find the right place and time, grab some roses and bend the knee!