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From plush bears to rose bears – the story behind a lovely gift

Do you want to surprise your beloved one with something nice? Teddy bears are classical gifts!  But how did the fearsome carnivore become a lovable toy, and how is it connected to roses? Let's watch some teddy bear history:)

Everyone loves teddy bears; we know this from the classic Winnie the Pooh.  Who could resist a nice silly old bear, showing up in any form? But do you know why we're expressing our love to each other with a teddy bear? Why does a blood-curdled beast symbolize our most gentle emotions? Let's watch some teddy bear history today!

The first Teddy Bear

According to the legend, the first teddy bear is connected to the American president, Theodore Roosevelt. Once upon a time he attended a Mississippi-Louisiana meeting in November 1902, to settle a border dispute, and he joined for some hunting in the area. But he was unsuccessful, and the locals feared he would be disappointed, so they presented him a wounded animal. The president, refused the opportunity, saying it was unsportsmanlike. This story was captured by a cartoonist, the Pulitzer prize winner Clifford K. Berryman, in the Washington Post.

This story inspired first prototype of the stuffed bear, that was made by a Russian-born businessman and inventor named Morris Michtom. He placed the bear in front his shop with presidential approval and with a sign around its neck: Teddy's bear.
Few years later, Michtom founded one of America's largest toy companies, which later became a worldwide company, while the talisman of Roosevelt's campaign tour was such a teddy bear – and brought him victory.

Also, in 1902, Richard Steiff, the nephew of famous plush animal maker Margarete Steiff, came up with a strange idea in Germany: he made stuffed bear toys with movable limbs and glass eyes. In 1903, at the Leipzig fair, an American bought the entire kit, and the German teddy bears conquered the US market. At the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, 12,000 toys were sold, and the teddy bears won the gold medal and the World's Fair Grand Prize. To this day, it is disputed whether the teddy bear is an American or German invention.

From a toy to an eternal gift

Old times’ landscape architects and gardeners were real artists, who made beautiful gardens for the landlords. The shapes of the bushes were diverse, from strange geometric shapes to magical creatures.

One modern version of this plant-art is the rose bear, a flower-covered figure that can express your love. Depending on the color of your choice, you can give it to your mom for Mother's Day, to your sister for Women’s day, to your sweetheart for birthday – you'll win anyone's heart with it! 

Romantic and original gift: flower teddy bear

If you want to surprise your partner with something that is both romantic and unconventional at the same time, choose the flower bear, which combines the sight of fluffy teddy bears and beautiful flowers. The eternal roses covering its body are as long-lasting as your love!

There's no girl who wouldn’t be touched by seeing a teddy bear like that.  Plus, you can order the amazing rose poems quickly, with just a few clicks from home, and we’ll deliver them in a beautiful, transparent gift box.

In the evolution of teddy bears, the rose bear is clearly the next stop:)