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Are you ready to pop the question? We have 15 creative proposal ideas for your success!

Proposal is always a big deal: even if you are sure that she loves you, the chance of refusal is still in the package. But if you surprise her with a creative, unique, original proposal, you can increase the chance of YES easily!

Have you heard the latest crazy proposal idea that has appeared in the social media recently? People hide engagement rings inside avocados. Well… The origin of this strange idea is unclear, but it seems that many grooms find it really cool. If you don’t want to follow the trends, but want to figure out something really creative, there are many other options for popping the question.

The list is never-ending, but we picked the 15 best ideas for you!

15 best proposal ideas to get a positive answer

  1. Massage: Create spa atmosphere at home! Give a massage and at the end of the pleasurable treatment, slip the ring on her finger. It will be super-easy if you use a lot of massage oil, and after it’s on her finger, she can’t say no, can she? Be careful, oil makes the ring so slippery, it can be easy to lose it immediately, so keep an eye on it.
  2. Treasure hunt: If you would like to have an absolutely exciting engagement, make a treasure hunt! Your sweetheart has to follow the trails to find the wedding ring. This proposal stays memorable forever and will be a great story that can be told everywhere.
  3. Romantic song: If you have a good voice (or you are brave enough to sing), sing the question instead of asking it. It is essential to pick a romantic song for this, ‘Highway to hell’ is not really suitable. Choose your favorite restaurant, a family occasion or simply a karaoke bar for this project, because an engagement like this needs an audience!
  4. During a concert: Maybe you are not willing to sing but you want to use music in your proposal plan. Buy 2 tickets to her favorite band’s concert. Contact the band before and ask for some help. During the concert the singer calls you on the stage and you can make the proposal. Only for extraordinary couples!
  5. Ad in the newspaper: Another unusual way of asking the serious question is to pay for a full-page advertisement in the local newspaper. Make a delicious breakfast in bed and during the meal your bride-to-be can check the best news she’s ever read.
  6. Romantic couple photo shooting: Invite your girlfriend to a photo shooting and in the middle of the event you can go down on knees and ask her to be your bride. The best part of it that the photographer will preserve these touching moments for you. It’s a full romantic proposal!
  7. Build a 'snowbride': In winter it can be a good idea to build a snowman together. Use your girlfriend’s scarf or hat, and tell that the snowman exactly looks like her. After you’ve had a great laugh together, knee down and propose… the snowman. It is a funny (and safe) way of popping the question and later you can tell your children about your cute proposal.
  8. Write in the snow: Another option in wintertime: spelling your question in the snow. You can use water color or food paint for example, and make sure that this will be the first thing she sees when she leaves the house. It’s a simple still memorable idea!
  9. Write the question in the sand: If you are planning to engage your girlfriend on the beach, then write ’Will you marry me?’ in the sand. Creative guys can build a sand castle and hide the ring in it.
  10. Message in the bottle: Also a great idea for beach-proposals. Write your question on a paper, put it into an old bottle and bury the bottle in the sand. Just pretend that you’ve found something and ask your girlfriend to help. Let her read the message. She will love it!
  11. Cute pets: Are you planning to have a cute dog or bunny? Surprise your bride-to-be with a pet and tie the ring around its neck. It’s an irresistible offer!
  12. Message in the sky: Make a deal with a skywriter to spell out your proposal. The whole town will see your big question - and everybody will support you. She can’t disappoint a whole city!
  13. Playful proposal: Have a unique jigsaw puzzle with the big question. Make sure that it is complicated, you she can’t read the text before finishing it!
  14. Dream proposal: If you want to surprise your girlfriend, just slide the wedding ring on her finger in the middle of the night. After waking up, you can ask her to marry you. She can’t say no, since she is already wearing the ring…
  15. Fortune teller: Does your girlfriend like spiritual things? Ask a fortune teller to predict your beautiful wedding. Your marriage is written in the stars, isn’t it?

+1 romantic-creative proposal idea

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