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5 surprises for Valentine's Day that won't wilt in 3 days

What to buy to your sweetheart? And will you surprise your loved ones too? Although Valentine's Day falls on the coldest season of the year, February 14th is still one of the warmest days of the year, thanks to lots of love. Contrary to popular belief, this is not just a day of lovers, but love in any forms, which is worth a celebration!

Valentine's Day then and now

The tradition of this special day dates back to the ancient times and is connected to a less heart-warming event. St. Valentine has a lot of legends, one of them is telling that he was imprisoned by Emperor Claudius II. for his Christian faith. But he fell in love with the blind daughter of his guard, and due to their love, the girl gained back her vision. The execution of the saint took place on February 14th, when he sent one last letter to his lover with this signature: your Valentine. This story is less hilarious than Valentine's day itself, but this is the origin of sending love letters to each other on this day.

Over time, however, the tradition has been transformed, so many people like to give gifts to their loved ones, expressing their feelings. They think it's worth keeping this tradition alive, because in rushing life, it's also an opportunity to stop a little and take care of the people you love. Let’s see some heartwarming gift-ideas, that will help celebrating your love!

5 gift tips for Valentine's Day

1. Give a star!

What would you say if we told you that you could surprise your sweetheart with a shining star? It's not a sham! Most of the stars that shine in the night sky don't have their own names, they're recorded only by a catalogue number. Surprise your significant other with naming a star for him/her. With the order you will get a unique guide that helps you find your own star! It's a truly unique and romantic gift.

2. Plan the future with the love bucket list.

Shared experiences revive love and give you the opportunity to forget everyday worries. Create a plan for your future together with a bucket list that was designed for couples and make your dreams come true. Not only the experiences, but also the joy of waiting will beautify the everyday life!

3. Picture frame of roses

One of the best-selling gifts on this day is the bouquet of roses. These flowers are symbols of love and desire. But why would you settle for a simple bouquet if you can choose, for example, a picture frame made of roses that can be fully personalized? You can pick the color of the roses and the size of the picture frame, so you can really create the perfect personal gift.

You don't have to worry about wilting of the frame, because they are made of eternal roses – real flowers that keep their beauty for many years thanks to a special treatment. And if you really want to make your gift personal, you can add any word, even your lover's name.

4. Flower bear for the one you love

Who doesn't like sweet teddy bears? We offer you a very special one made from eternal roses. The result is amazing and extremely spectacular. It's one of the big favorites of young ladies, so if you're planning a really big surprise this year, you can amaze her with this beautiful teddy bear.

Bonus tip: Valentine's Day is also a celebration of love. There's no better feeling than making this day memorable. Help people who don't have a chance to make their lives better. Co-donating or volunteering fills everyone's hearts with happiness!